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Crowdfunding is essential to businesses and every other thing people need money to do. Many businesses today grew because of unrestricted access to funding resources. With the internet, funding is one of the notable things people can achieve. It is good to note that people's ability to use the internet does not guarantee success when they crowdfund their businesses. One of the determining factors during a crowdfunding campaign is people's popularity. Because of this, many businesses failed in the past, while many will still fail.

Cravin Savin focuses on the delivery of crowdfunding solutions to people without funding access. We are a team that believes that everyone deserves equal chances, bar any hindrance. We have a crowdfunding savings website that finds donations through digital marketing services rather than seeking assistance from family members and friends. This way, we can help businesses scale the stage of funding to visibility in the market. Out of 100 per cent, we guarantee the success of every campaign at 95% because we target our ads to the appropriate section to generate results.

We have a pool of followers who are willing to provide startups with funds to scale their businesses. We provide a 100 per cent confidentiality procedure for donors who would like to remain anonymous in the donation process. The provision is not totally binding for every donor; that is why we give room for donors to tag us across social media. Tagging us helps us to keep our activities accountable to clients, donors, and the public. Refunds are made available to clients at a 10 per cent commission deduction of the donated amount.

We also provide privacy to clients who need to protect their contents from theft. We do this to ensure that only people with original ideas can get funds, utilize them for scalability, and achieve their dreams as quickly as possible. We only include genuine details of the contents without the most important features to help us retain our rights as an organization that values privacy.

At Cravin Savin, we have a structured payment plan to help every startup get access to funds. We believe in giving equal rights to people; therefore, every client has access to $900, which is paid out every week. This means clients are paid about 900 per cent of their holding fee.  While our users can withdraw all the money at their disposal, we require they hold a $100 deposit in their wallet to enable them access to the numerical order for funding. The numerical application process allows payments to clients on the order of application. That is, clients are paid on a first-come, first-served basis to meet their needs.

Due to the success of crowdfunding methods, we hope to cater to over 10,000 applications per week next year. We think for businesses to grow, clients will enjoy the services we provide only when they subscribe and sign up for our services. Our clients enjoy access to funds within 7-10 business days after signing up with us. We work round the clock to ensure efficiency in the delivery of funds to startups.

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