Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to recruit people I know in order to receive funds? No, we do all the foot work for you! We combine digital marketing skills with our crowdfund savings project to find as many donors as possible.

What is a crowdfund savings project? A crowdfund savings project is a project where the creator of the project does all the crowdfunding themselves, instead of having the clients do all the hard work. This way you have digital marketing professionals helping you crowdfund your savings much faster.

How much crowdfunding savings can I earn? We limit each individual to funding of up to 900% of their initial savings deposit. Example if you deposit $100 we fund your account up to $900. If you require additional funds you will have to apply again after we fund your account.

Is there a limit to how many crowdfund savings accounts I can have? Yes in order to help our accountants we only allow 1 active account per individual to be opened at 1 time.

I have already been funded by Cravin Savin can I apply again? You are allowed to apply for funding again after you have been funded.

Why do I have to deposit $100 in order to receive my funding? We require all clients to make a savings deposit of $100 in order to receive crowd funding savings from our donors, because we take care of the footwork for you. Instead of having you ask your friends and family to fund your accounts we show our donors the amount of funding required to help you reach your financial goals. In order for us to show them the amount of funding needed while protecting our clients privacy we require the deposits instead.

What is a funding period? Our funding period is the timeframe it usually takes us to collect crowd funds for your account through our donors.

How much crowdfund savings should I expect after my funding period has expired? We try our best to fund each individual account up to 900% if possible with donations from our sponsors.

When do I get my initial deposit returned to me? Once your funding period has expired you should expect to receive an email explaining how much crowdfunding we were able to raise for you and what day we will be depositing your crowd funds savings and your deposit into your bank account.

Are there any hidden fees I should know about with Cravin Savin? We charge a fee of 10% of your initial deposit if you request a refund before receiving crowdfunding from our donors.

I dont want to deal with public scrutiny how will you protect my privacy? We protect your privacy by avoiding sharing your personal details or struggles publicly. We understand and value our clients privacy while they are experiencing hardships and do not believe they should have to share the intimate details of their struggles to the whole world in order to receive the help they rightfully deserve.

I am starting a new business and need funding. I am scared to share my ideas and have them stolen how am I protected? We protect business ideas, creative content, and inventions from our clients by not sharing that information publicly. It's important to us to protect our clients hard work from being stolen by people with higher resources.

Do you offer assistance with people facing eviction? Yes we have angel donors specifically interested in assisting people who are experiencing emergency hardships. It can take anywhere from 1 month to 6 months to raise the funds depending on the amount of financial help you need. You do not need to pay a deposit for emergency hardship funding. Emergency hardship funding is not released until the full goal amount has been funded for our clients. If you are experiencing an emergency hardship and need funding send us an email at:

Do you have press releases? Yes you can check out our press releases at Market Watch, Digital Journal, Us Wire , & WBOC News

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